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What is the Camera of the Month Club?

Beginning in New York City, 2014, The Camera of the Month Club (CMC) is a unique gathering of dedicated photographers from across Los Angeles, who are passionate about experimenting with different cameras, as they are about shooting compelling photos. Members cultivate and sharpen their skills, vision, and talent through digital and analog photography. 

The group convenes monthly to share their work in a group critique setting. This generates feedback, rich discussion, new ideas, and strengthens each member’s ability to analyze their own photography in a competent yet objective manner. Members learn about who they are as photographers, honing their vision of what they shoot and how they shoot, and most importantly, why they shoot it. The meetings and exhibits foster a creative and supportive space for emerging to mid-career photographers to share their images, receive critical feedback, and develop their photographic vision. The collective promotes diversity within photography and the visibility of its members.


Today, the Original Camera of the Month Club in NYC, holds a consistent membership of over 40 photographers comprised of a range of experience levels and genres of photography. We are now glad to expand this collective to the west coast in Los Angeles, CA, hosted by former NYC director, Kim Preston.

The new and budding sister branch of the east coast CMC is excited to introduce more photographers to our group. We hope to host our first LA group exhibition by the end of 2018. 


Photography can be a particularly solitary endeavor, which prompted Brooklyn-based photographer Erica Reade to found the club in 2014. Reade and founding members Mark BeckenbachMarko JokicHuguette AmpudiaSalvador Espinoza and Kim Preston collaborated to formalize the club into an official organization. Using their combined experience and expertise, the Board of Directors developed a structure and environment to provide members with encouragement, guidance and constructive criticism. Visit our Members page to learn more!